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About Complete Medicare Planning

Offering assistance for clients in Missouri and Kansas entering Medicare, Complete Medicare Planning helps people protect their health by providing professional, practical advice about Senior Health Insurance. Our independent insurance agency represents you, our client, and not the insurance companies. By studying the market and researching all available plans from the market's top insurance providers, we offer our clients an advantage when it comes to finding health coverage that meets their needs and works for them. We do not charge a fee for our services. If we're able to help you find a plan that you like and you allow us to enroll you, then the issuing insurance company will pay our firm a commission. If you or a loved one need help finding health coverage for seniors, call us today at 816-804-4060 to discover your options.

About Our Advisors

Mike Brasel

Mike Brasel is a Certified Senior Advisor specializing in Senior Healthcare. He has nearly thirty years experience in the Life and Health Insurance industry and is the founder of Complete Medicare Planning. Mike received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications Studies from The University of Missouri-Kansas City and holds insurance licenses for Life and Health in Missouri and Kansas. A lifelong resident of the Kansas City Northland area, Mike and his wife Jody have six children and five grandchildren.

Mike Brasel II

Mike Brasel II joined Complete Medicare Planning in 2015. Previously, Mike was working in the Healthcare IT industry, employed with Cerner Corporation. During his time at Cerner he consulted and trained physicians and medical staff on how to conduct daily workflows on electronic medical records. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interpersonal and Public Communication from The University of Missouri-Kansas City. In addition, he holds insurance licenses for Life and Health in Missouri and Kansas.